Garage Door Openers

We install high end, durable garage door openers for strength and durability!

Garage Door Openers

We install premium garage door openers, such as the Liftmaster Professional line, with cutting edge technology and advancements that have kept these manufacturers being the leading brands in the nation for many years past and many to come. The openers we install will have many advancements that make them very durable and built for longevity compared to many options on the market today.

Having an automatic garage door opener will provide convenience, security, and added value to your home. Tired of having to open your garage door by hand? Our garage door openers come with a control panel for the inside of the garage, remote controls to keep in your vehicle, and are able to be programmed to most newer vehicles with this capability and eliminate remote controls altogether. With system enhancements like LiftMaster’s MyQ technology you can monitor and control your door opener, receive garage door activity alerts, and control the lights in your home from an app on your smartphone.

Coupled with convenience, our automatic garage door openers will also offer an additional security aspect to your home. When the door is hooked to the garage door opener, it will not be able to be lifted by hand. The openers also use “Rolling Code” technology, which generates a new code each time the remote control is used, making it nearly impossible to use any other unauthorized device to gain entry to your home.

Whether you need a new garage door opener, need to have an old one repaired, or just have questions, we can help. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians can repair or upgrade your garage door opener regardless of the problem. Our team will offer advice on which option – repairing the existing opener or installing a new one – would be more cost effective for you at this time and in the long run.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers

Our belt drive garage door openers are known for being very quiet and operating very smoothly in comparison to many makes/models on the market today. If you have a room above the garage or for any other reason prefer to have a quiet functioning garage door opener, the belt drive is definitely the way to go! 

Our belt drive openers will come with wifi capabilities for ease of access to control the opener from afar and receive alerts by an app on a smartphone. We have an option for a belt drive garage door opener with a DC motor and battery back up as well to offer extreme durability and convenience anytime there is a power outage at your home so your remote control will still open your garage. Most of our belt drive garage door openers will come with a solid steel rail that goes from the opener to the door vs a pieced-together aluminum rail, for maximum durability and longevity of the system.

Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

Our chain drive garage door openers will be our most economical automatic garage door opener. While we still use the same high end manufacturer and the quality of the opener is superb, these openers will have your classic chain drive mechanism and will be a little noisier than the belt drive openers. These openers are still very durable and most come with the solid steel rail that goes from the opener to the door for maximum durability and longevity. These openers will come with wifi as well in order to use an app on a smartphone to control the opener from afar, receive alerts when the door is left over, and more.

Jackshaft (side-mount) Garage Door Openers
Oftentimes, a home will have what we call “low headroom.” This means that the garage ceiling is lower than normal and there may not be enough room in between the ceiling and the top of the garage door to allow space for a garage door opener to be installed. In this case we have a Jackshaft garage door opener that can be installed on the side of the garage door and will fully functionally open and close the garage door. These openers will also have a lot of the same technology and advancements as the other openers, and are an excellent alternative if this is a problem you face.

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